Tuesday’s 2-Minute Brief

Tuesday’s 2-Minute Brief is a question and answer video series where we answer common (and uncommon) legal questions asked of us by our clients.

We started this series to educate our current and future clients because we know that knowledge is power, and we want to proactively tackle our shared frustration of hearing the following from our clients when reviewing their case: “I wish someone had told me that before.” Or, “Why isn’t this information more widely known?”


5 Types of Bankruptcy

David Kaminow gives a brief overview on 5 types of bankruptcy chapters.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7

David Kaminow talks about the benefits of filing for Chapter 7.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 13

David Kaminow talks about the ins and outs of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Business Law

Self-Help Eviction: Know Your Rights

In this week’s 2-Minute briefing, David Kaminow discusses self-help evictions and the rights of the lessee and landlord.

Business Formations Part 3: LLC

David Kaminow discusses forming an LLC and dives into how much liability a member exposes him/herself to.

Business Formations Part 1: What Type for What Purpose?

David Kaminow begins a series covering perhaps the most common, but complex questions he is often asked by clients: “I’m starting a business, should I be an LLC or…”

Business Formations Part 4: Corporations

David Kaminow discusses the characteristic between S Corporations and C Corporations, as well one of the main differentiators that could impact you and your business.

Business Formations Part 2: General Partnerships

David Kaminow discusses General Partnerships, the liability involved and who they best fit as a business formation.

Business Formations Part 5: Limited Partnerships

David Kaminow finishes his 5-part series on business formations. In this final installment, David talks Limited Partnerships, and the risks involved to the General Partner and the Limited Partner.

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