2-Minute Tuesday Brief


Our 2-Minute Tuesday Brief is a question and answer video series where we answer common (and uncommon) legal questions asked of us by our clients.
We started this series to educate our current and future clients because we know that knowledge is power, and we want to proactively tackle our shared frustration of hearing the following from our clients when reviewing their case: “I wish someone had told me that before.” Or, “Why isn’t this information more widely known?”

2021 Archives


Bankruptcy Exemption

Date: 06/28/2022

If you’re in the financial position of having to file for bankruptcy, there’s some good news: some of your assets may be exempt.

Which assets, and how much of the asset is at risk or exempt, is the topic of today’s 2-Minute Tuesday Brief.

Business Law

How to Get Paid for Work or Services Already Done

Date: 06/14/2022

A mechanics’ lien is a way for contractors and subcontractors who supply labor or materials for construction to get paid for their work. Using a mechanics’ lien, a contractor or subcontractor who has performed work on a property can sell the property to recover any amount owed but not paid by a customer.

As with most things, there are certain requirements that must be done to proceed with a mechanic’s lien.

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