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Small and medium-size businesses lose massive amounts of profit due to the myriad of legal obstacles interrupting business operations.

Our cutting-edge, Outside/In-House Counsel solution, gives small and medium-size businesses access to what the Fortune 500 companies have – a legal presence before it’s needed and legal counsel the moment it’s warranted.

Shouldn’t you have the same?

Businesses often face different legal issues at different stages of their growth. Before making any decision that could have negative legal ramifications, contact us for a free consultation.

We’ll discuss and explore your business situation around a 21st Century, cutting-edge approach to provide the best possible legal advice and direction for your business endeavor(s).

Whether you are launching a startup, exploring a merger or succession plan, or dealing with a liability lawsuit, we’re available to share our experience and consultation on pragmatic moves for your business. 

You deserve a lawyer who is as invested in the success of your business as you are. Joseph, Greenwald & Laake is dedicated to providing business clients with the highest level of service and has a proven track record of helping its business clients succeed.

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Client Resources

Forms, Applications, Website Links and More

Find many helpful applications, forms, and links necessary to initiate the legal process. There is a lot involved, we know. That’s why every staff member at Inman Kaminow is ready to help. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll help you get it.

Things to consider


Legal counsel should not be an “expense;” it should be actively engaged to increase your bottom line, by protecting your assets and enforcing your rights.


Your competition probably already has legal counsel. Shouldn’t you?


We use cutting edge technology to better serve our clients, keep our costs down, and provide excellent value.


We offer a variety of fee options, including flat rate, hourly, and, where appropriate, contingency.

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